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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cold cold nights

Nothing has been fixed at the apartment... That isn't a major concern since there is a temporary solution for everything: the out of order stove burners are replaced by independent electtric burners, the heating system is replaced by an electric radiator etc...
However, for two days, the temparature had dropped well below 0C and the makeshift heating system was obviously not enough to warm me! Ah, and I also had a power failure at night, which turned off the alarm clock and the radiator! It was freezing cold at night, and i woke up late for work! Nothing works in this *** apartment! And Elise is gone to France now :-(

It's ironic: when I speak with my colleagues located in India, we seem to have the same kind of day to day issues. Although for them is that it gets too hot when the AC stops working...

Therefore, since I don't have any response from my landlord, I am planning to contact the city services soon. I checked the website to know what are the landlord/tenant rights and obligations. One funny fact: the City Department oh Housing website is in multiple foreign languages, including Creole! I figured I would understand something, but it is totally obscure for me. For those who'd like to give it a look, it's there.


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Thanksgiving '06

We gathered at Richard's place, to be surrounded by a bunch of French people for a traditional Thankgiving dinner. "Traditional US dinner", with French people?? Weird isn't it?

Everyone had to cook something and bring it. But Jenny and Elise took care of most of the cooking. That was delicious.

Does this car look familiar to you back in Europe? Click on the picture to read the white label on the 2CV!

More pictures are at Guy's gallery.


Updated albums

Our Internet connection is a little better: I have seize the opportunity to update a few photo albums:
- A lot of additional pictures from Zion NP (another area of the park) + Climbing in Red Rock, NV

- Foster Falls, TN where we went climbing in October:

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