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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Walks in the City

A few pictures taken pictures before the snow came... And the cold weather settled in... Can't wait for Spring...

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Sunday, February 11, 2007


I came back on wednesday morning from Colorado. It's been a fantastic way to spend 4 days. Richard's family invited me to stay with them in Winter Park. I'm really lucky.

I rented some really good twin tip skis made in Colorado: Liberty SB170

My impressions about skiing in Colorado:
- Very good quality snow
- Hard to breathe on the first day because it is so high in altitude
- Great weather most of the time (some really strong winds on the first day, though)
- Trees everywhere, even in high altitude (until 11.500 feet)
- sick terrain park and half pipe. This is really high quality stuff for experienced freestylers.
- People can ski very well. You see very few unexperienced skiers. After all, they need to make a long trip from the densely populated areas to reach the slopes.
- The vistas are not as impressive as in the Alps: the mountains are rather round.

A few things I had never experienced while skiing in the Alps:
- Eating a burger at 3000m. That's unheard of in Europe!
- Tree skiing on a "regular" run. No need to go off piste, the gladed terrain is where to look for good snow, fun turns between the trees, and some rather technical steep slopes. We didn't have a chance to experience the double diamond runs, but I
m sure they must be scary! Next time maybe?

I just had time to publish the pictures on my Picasa album before my laptop died. That's the second laptop failure in a year! These things are really unreliable!

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Am I going to be on TV?

Today, we received a letter addressed to all the tenants in our building, that came from NBC!
They asked if we agreed that our building (and probably one apartment) could be used to shoot an episode of Law And Order!
I'm so proud to live in this typical Harlem browstone now :-)

Anyway, it's not really up to me (i'd say yes without hesitating), but rather up to my landlord, who lives in the apartment upstairs. That could be fun if she liked the idea!

What's next? Sex and the city? Ally McBeal? Oscar nomination?

On a non related note, DolceVita is also becoming famous, as excerpts from her blog are going to be read on the Swiss Radio for a few weeks!