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Thursday, June 21, 2007

A belly full of anger

You have to go and watch the preview of this movie in which my co-worker Don stars:A belly full of anger! link is here.

It's a hilarious good mix of Kill Bill Vol.2 meets "Les Inconnus".

And, oh, I forgot: I have this funny picture that I swore I'd post on my blog. This is the upside of having a broken ankle and going to work by taxi:


Gastronomic week

I am back to NYC, after spending a very nice week in France. I went there for Elise's PhD thesis defense and graduation (she defended in English with a lot of talent, and I am proud that she's now officially a doctor), and also met plenty of friends and family.

I saw Paris for the first time in 3 years, found it quiet and clean! This is what happens when you stay too long in Manhattan!

I'm getting used to traveling with crutches now, I have overall spent 4 long flights and 2 rides in the TGV train now.
Indeed, I still have a fake cast (that stupid plastic boot), even though I have spent almost 7 weeks with it since I broke my ankle. The good news is that I'm starting to walk on it. But it's painful... I have my first physiotherapy session tomorrow, again a new experience in my life (after first major climbing fall, first visit at the ER, first visit to a surgeon, first CATscan etc...)

Back in Lyon, I enjoyed so many good and fancy restaurants!!! I don't even remember all the delicious meals I was served.

- Alex, Bd des Brotteaux
- L'Est, chez Bocuse, old Brotteaux train station
- Le Gabion, fish restaurant: New York style decor, very reasonable prices....

- La Maison Villemanzy, Croix Rousse slopes

A memorable gastronomic week... I shall be back visiting soon!!

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