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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Facebook and restaurants

Sometimes I wonder if Facebook will kill my blog. It's much more practical nowadays to create posts in Facebook, add images, and all your friends get notified immediately.
Problem is: my blog's audience is not all on Facebook.
And also posting on Blogger is not that hard either. So I think I'll keep my blog for a while.
I may even turn it into a culinary blog. I've been to quite a few great restaurants and bars lately, mostly in Tribeca (where my office is for now) and Soho.
Unfortunately I have no talent for writing reviews and all I can say is "that was really good"... I'll never be able to live as a food critic :-)

Over the past weeks,

- My colleagues and I went to a weird small British restaurant in the West Village called Tea and Sympathy. Food was very exotic for me, but I would not say it was very tasty. It felt very strange to me that people would pay this range of prices (it's not cheap) for British food.
- Industria Argentina (Tribeca) has excellent uruguyan meat and subtle Mendoza Malbec to pair with.
- After the meat extravaganza, we went to the Brandy Libray (Tribeca), where we sipped high quality Single Malts seated in leather couches. Very classy.
- at Balthazar (Soho) I tasted Armagnac for the first time, with dessert. Very very French atmosphere. I was disapointed that they did not have Macon La Roche Vineuse on their wine list. When I visited the winery in December they told me Balthazar was their largest US buyer.
- I loved the hip, young atmosphere at Novecento (Soho), and the beef salad, paired with another good Argentinian Malbec.
- Sushi Samba (Village) reminded me a little about Nobu: loud music, trendy atmosphere and excellent service. Plates were beautifully aranged and the Pisco sour felt authentic (at least as what I had in Chile).
- I went again to my 2 favorite wine bars: Vino Vino in Tribeca (very upscale and classy, excellent choice of cheese), and Louis 649 in the East village (go for the Live jazz!)