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Friday, October 03, 2008


Here are a few new pictures from my latest exciting climbing trip: 10 days in Oregon.
The trip consisted mostly of climbing at Smith Rock State Park, + some hiking in the Cascades, an afternoon of climbing at French Dome, and some gentle hiking in the Columbia River Gorge and on Cannon Beach, on the Pacific Ocean Coast.


I got to meet some of my relatives that I had never met before, who live in Portland, and traveled a bit with my mother and step dad. That's an original vacation. Weather was perfect 9 days out of ten. Who says it always rains in Oregon!

I also met my friend from Nicaragua Angie, and climbed with Craig from Seattle, Richard from New York, Jason from Portland, and David our ropegun from Lyon. He really inspired us in climbing stronger and harder. He led his first 5.12 and I top roped it: even if I took multiple falls I was able to finish the damn route!

Like I said in Seattle last July, I love the West Coast!

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