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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Immediate boarding for Seattle!

Elise and I are heading to the airport in half an hour: destination Seattle.
This is our one week vacation at last!
Our plan is to visit my distant family (Ina, Hugh, Lydia and Helen), hike for a day with them and then head to Vancouver, Canada and to the Wilderness of the numerous national and state parks around these two cities.
We'll be back next sunday hopefully with plenty of pictures...


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Problem solved?? Not yet

So, my computer is till dead, but I found a way to be able to get another computer at home, quickly.
While I'm probably going to wait for weeks while my personal laptop is being repaired, I got a temporary laptop from work, and it does the job pretty well. So I can keep postings blog posts ;-) I hope I'll be able to recover all the data from the personal laptop, like music, pictures etc...

For the moment, I'll post some pictures of the latest hike: I went to Taconic State Park on saturday. It's a nice park at the border of New york, Massachussets and Connecticut states. Not very mountainous but providing nice views. As usual the Columbia hiking club provided van and driver, and I was leading the group for my second experience as a "guide". Plenty of new people were there, mainly undergrad students new to NYC.
We had a little incident as we blew up a tire on the highway and arrived at 11am at the trailhead. We hiked less than planned but still had a good time, in the still ongoing heat and humidity, and later in the rain as the remains of the latest tropical storm came by this side of the country.

Bash Bish Falls


Zdineck and Eric

Nice river

Next saturday, we're flying to Seattle, and I'm hoping Elise and I will have plenty of nice weather for days of hiking!!!

Monday, September 12, 2005


I'm having problems with my computer... It's slowly dying I think...
It's a ggod excuse to be late on my blog postings...
Anyway, Elise made the perfect review of our labor day week end in Pennsylannia, so you can read her article at http://elisedrouyer.blogspot.com

This sunday we went climbing to the Gunks, for the first time in months. Elise came along too: it was her first experience of trad climbing and for me, my first experience of trad leading!! Richard has been kind enough to let me lead two pitches. Ok it was only 5.3 (meaning gunks 5.3 still), but it was scary and exciting enough...
More pictures coming soon, hopefully my computer will recover...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

More pictures from the Half marathon: it looks like I'm walking on this one (it's the very beginning, before the 1 mile banner) Posted by Picasa

Starting at a slow pace Posted by Picasa

Argggh, I'm dying... Posted by Picasa

Almost arrived... Posted by Picasa

Arggggh tired! Posted by Picasa

Almost arrived Posted by Picasa