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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sport around New York

I've been surfing 2 more times in Long Island (pictures coming soon), and the season's not over!
Jean-Luc and Fanny brought me a Decathlon rashguard from France so now we can be team Tribord with Vincent when we go surfing.

Also went on a longish bike ride from Manhattan all the way to Rockaway beach, riding on the Brooklyn bridge, different neigborhoods of Brooklyn, Coney Island and Rockaway which has a totally different feel from New York. Only got rained on once
:-) Purchasing a bike this year was definitely a great idea.

Also, when I find the time, I go running to Central Park to train for the NYC half marathon (coming up in two weeks). Here are a few pics of the Japan day race. I know I haven't trained enough this year, just hoping to finish the NYC half in a decent time.



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