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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All Points West

I can't resist inserting the New York Times article about the All Point West music festival I went to last sunday:

They took some incredible pictures,

The times didn't seem to like it very much, but to me it was perfect. Seeing Jack Johnson playing was like a dream. We stayed all afternoon, did not get rained on too much, and also attended concerts of Ben Harper, Amadou&Mariam and a few others.

The festival was the most "eco-friendly" I had ever seen. They had this creative idea of encouraging people to pick up discarded water bottles in exchange for goodies like t-shirts and CDs. Anyone who knows how much I despise those small water bottles can imagine I really enjoyed the scavenger's hunt, and of course got myself a cool Green T-shirt.

My pictures (with Jerome and Malini as guest stars):


Saturday, August 02, 2008

Half marathon pictures

As my fans are asking for results :-), here they are: I ran the half marathon faster than expected.
1hr47min, instead of a goal of 1hr55.
Pretty happy too as my local fans (!) showed up at the finish line: thanks to Malini, Arnaud, Katia and Paul for supporting me. [Pictures coming soon].

As promised, the pictures from surfing are here: