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Sunday, October 23, 2005

From a recent week end in Philadelphia: typical American road on the Benjamin Franklin Bridge Posted by Picasa

Best Of - last week end in Montreal and Parc du Mont Orford with David. For more details, see Elise's blog at http://elisedrouyer.blogspot.com Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Preparing next trip

Next trip will be Montreal this week end, I have to work more hours than usual so that we can leave on Friday afternoon.
That doesnt leave much time for the blog ;-)
It's been the usual week in New York, with the terrorist alert, random backpack searches in the subway (first time I see it at 96th st although I think I travel to the 3 busiest subway stations every morning at rush hour), severe weather (it seems summer is definitely over since last week end) etc...

We went visiting an interesting exhibition with Elise, Katia and Arnaud on Sunday, about slavery in New York, and also to another landmark that I didn't know: the incredibly huge Toys R us store right in the middle of Times Square. Still have plenty of tourists things to do :-)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Seattle Spirit!!

Seattle spirit! In Seattle, they just call it "the mountain". I'll refer to it by its usual name: Mount Rainier. We saw it from the plane just before landing, towering 4400m above the city and dwarfing Mount Baker, on the other side of the plane. Hugh was so kind to take us to his favorite scenic hike at Burroughs mountain for our first day in the NorthWest.

The following serie of photos is from this hike, in Mount Baker National Park. That was the first highlight of our trip.

Thanks again to Hugh and Ina for treating us like kings at their house, to Hugh for his kindness assisting us in finessing our planning, he was a great advisor and knows the region incredibly well. Thanks also to Ina for the visit on saturday, and to her little monster daughter for "entertaining us" :-) We had a fantastic stay!! Posted by Picasa

Mount Rainier on an exceptionnally bright day, from second Burroughs mountain Posted by Picasa

on the moon, between second and third burroughs mountain Posted by Picasa

Elise and Jn again Posted by Picasa

Mount Rainier from First Burroughs mountain Posted by Picasa

The mighy glaciers of (one face) of Mount Rainier (around 4460m). Looks a bit like Mont Blanc, and a bit like Nanga Parbat Posted by Picasa

Elise and Emmons glacier Posted by Picasa

Hugh, my grand grand uncle-in law fan of hiking, our great host in Seattle!! Posted by Picasa

Elise on the moon :-) Posted by Picasa

Milky emerald lake. There used to be a glacier down there a few decades ago Posted by Picasa

Pond on the way back Posted by Picasa

This serie of pictures is from our first day in the Olympics National Park. From Seattle, we took a ferry accross Puget Sound to the Olympic peninsula, and then drove to Sol Doc where we hiked to Mink Lake and had a relaxing end of afternoon in the natural hot springs. We even camped in a semi-rainforest at Sol Duc campground Posted by Picasa

The Olympics from the ferry Posted by Picasa

Crescent Lake Posted by Picasa

Mink lake: hey I saw something moving in the bushes!! Posted by Picasa

Mink lake Posted by Picasa

Elise is trying the classic method to protect food from the bears Posted by Picasa

This serie of pictures was shot in the Bogachiel rainforest, at the border of the Olympic National Park. It's the only temperate rainforest in the US, and one of the few in the world. It bears a striking ressemblance of the cloud forests of Costa Rica. Everything is soo green and mosses and lichens are everywhere. The only difference: this rainforest is spookily silent despite all the animals that stay there (racoons, bears, cougars). We couldn't see animals but definitely recognized bear's footprints in the mud... Posted by Picasa

The greeeeny mossy Bogachiel rain forest Posted by Picasa

Jn is not yet tree-sized... Eat more soup, Jn! Posted by Picasa

The following pictures were taken on the coastal part of Olympic National Park, on Rialto and Second beaches, near the Indian reservation of "La Push" (which has nothing folkloric, it's a sad place). It's a very unusual beach, with tall coniferous, brown sand pebbles, and beautiful rocky islets. We were still lucky to be accompanied by terrific weather Posted by Picasa

Elise Posted by Picasa

Sunset on second beach... Posted by Picasa